About Us

AboutRIX ® Research & Media explores and develops ways of using new technologies to transform the lives of people with learning disabilities.
We are an international R&D centre of excellence, based at the University of East London. For over 15 years, we have produced and piloted software, working methods and different ways to use new media for inclusion.
We pilot innovative programmes of work with our neighbours in east London and then share models of good practice nationally and internationally, working with leading care, health and education provider organisations and government agencies.

Pioneering research projects, in partnership with thousands of individuals with learning disabilities, their families and supporters, have enabled us to develop a unique Multimedia Advocacy approach to person-centred planning. Multimedia Advocacy enables people with learning disabilities to use self-made media to take greater control of their own lives and challenge their social exclusion.
We have developed specific tools and training – the RIX Wiki and Wiki courses – which embed this Multimedia Advocacy approach and are proving very successful for person-centred planning in a wide range of settings.