Our History

RIXRIX ® has an unwavering commitment to person-centred working and the promotion of self-advocacy for people with disabilities is at the heart of our approach.
RIX ® was established in 2001 as a charity, based at the University of East London, and our patron (and namesake) is Lord Brian Rix, who was Chancellor of the university for 17 years.
Lord Rix has been a great champion for the cause of people with learning disabilities. His much-loved daughter, Shelley, was born in 1951 with Down Syndrome. Appalled by the advice that he and his wife, Elspet, were given, to ‘put her away, forget her, start again’, Lord Rix has fought for the rights of people with learning disabilities in public and policy circles. He is a life-long campaigner, organising and fundraising tirelessly to promote significant changes in attitude and support provision for this community.

Since 2001, and building on Lord Rix’s legacy, RIX ® has explored and developed ways of using new technologies to transform the lives of people with learning disabilities. We have done this in partnership with thousands of people with learning disabilities, their families and carers.
Pioneering research projects across the fields of education, health and social care mean that we have become leaders in the field of new media and inclusion.