Beyond the Road


Beyond The Road Ahead (2008) was a piece of research funded by the Social Care Institute for Excellence that followed on from their 2004 project The Road Ahead, which had highlighted the need for more accessible and meaningful information for young people with learning disabilities facing the transition from school and home to adult life in the community.

The project aim was to explore the potential for the capture and sharing of the knowledge and experience of people with learning disabilities around transition, through the use of multimedia and the web. RIX Research drew on emerging Web tools and practices to explore a working solution to tackle this problem. The information was elicited via informal interviews and question and answer sessions with groups of people with learning disabilities, who then uploaded the information onto a transition-related website to share their knowledge, using an accessible template. The resulting website was then tested for usability.

A formal report of the project was published and submitted to the Social Care Institute of Excellence: Minnion A, Staples P, Singh R, Williams P (2008) Beyond the Road Ahead London: University of East London.