At the British Musuem, by Ajay Choksi

Relaxed Story Telling session at the British Museum, 17th July 2018


photo of Ajay Choksi

Story by Ajay Choksi, Technical Assistant at Wiki Master at RIX Research and Media



Selection of objects from the British museum and photo of Olivia Armstrong



On Tuesday 17th of July 2018 I attended an interactive ‘Travelling Storytellers’ session at the British Museum. The session aimed to explore stories from India and it was run by Olivia Armstrong.

The session was attended by many people with learning disabilities including our friends from the Tower Project.



Olivia started the session by welcoming everyone using Indian words and welcome sign and invited everyone to participate.


Picture of Olivia Armstrong showing the group the hand gesture


Next, Olivia gave out copies of the 1690, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India painting.


Picture of the 1690, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India painting



After that, she took out different objects and materials that we all used to tell the story from the painting.


potatoes, large foil sheet and leaves


I really enjoyed the session as I was able to learn what was happening on the painting and the story helped me to understand the picture better.


Ajay celebrates his achievement, a picture of the painting



I feel it is important to have interactive storytelling sessions as they help everyone to engage with galleries and museums. Other people with learning disabilities who attended the session where also able to take part no matter how severe their disability was.


people participating in Olivias session


At the end of the session I had an opportunity to have a quick chat about the session with Olivia Armstrong. Please see the video below.