The purpleSTARS are a group of people with and without learning difficulties based at the RIX Centre who work together to make museums more inclusive.

Their aim is for everyone to make personal connections and really enjoy their visits, whatever their background or abilities.

This new free display in the Museum of London’s Talking Point gallery, features sensory elements from sounds to images and even smells, explores the lives of Londoners past and present and invites visitors to reflect on their own experiences of the capital.

During lockdown, as part of this project, the purpleSTARS listened to recordings made over the past 80 years from the Museum of London’s oral history collection.

They recorded their thoughts about these stories during video meetings and made connections to their own experiences as Londoners, using a RIX Wiki to capture this journey of exploration.

We picked out themes that are important and interesting to us, Equality, Cinema, Style and Travel. Listening to some oral histories inspired us to come up with our own messages about equality as Londoners.

group of disabled people with placards
purpleSTARS at the Museum of London

The purpleSTARS then looked for images and objects from the museum that matched these themes and incorporated touch and smell into their displays to give people a multisensory experience of the stories that were emerging.

Visitors to the Talking Point gallery will be able to explore these stories using new touchless technology from project partners, Ultraleap.

The display opens on 3 September and runs until 17 December
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London is the Place for me

Find out more about how purpleSTARS recorded their journey into the past by visiting their RIX Wiki

purpleSTARS Wiki

purpleSTARS website


If you own a car, you’ll be familiar with the MOT, an annual health check for your vehicle that gives you pointers and advice about any repairs needed to keep your car running smoothly.

RIX have developed an MOT for your school or organisation. Our MOT checks your readiness to use new digital tools that could transform practice and improve outcomes for the people you teach and support.

Whether you feel your organisation is already using person centred, inclusive technology or has a little way to go, our audit will benchmark your current status and give you ideas to help you take the next steps towards digital inclusion.

We understand how busy people are, so our quick MOT is designed to be completed within a few minutes. Respond by selecting the statements which best describe your school or social care organisation.

RIX will use your responses to generate a unique report of your current status in the following areas:

  • Person centred practice and processes
  • Culture and confidence
  • ICT equipment and software
  • Connectivity

In addition to the report, we will include a set of corresponding actions to help you take the next step on your inclusive digital journey. These actions can form the basis of your organisation’s action plan.

If you are a school, multi academy trust or college, start here

MOT for schools 

If you are a social care provider, start here

MOT for social care

To find out more about our software, visit the RIX Software website

MYS – Me and Your Stories – is a pan-European project that puts the learner at the heart of the community and the classroom by providing powerful storytelling tools on a digital platform.

Sharing stories helps people understand and celebrate difference. The MYS toolbox enables young people to share their own stories, as well as reflect on each other’s, by capturing their voices, thoughts and experiences using photos and videos.

This project supports inclusion by making it easier for everyone to have a voice and for all those voices to be heard as part of a bigger conversation about diversity and difference.

The MYS conference on Thursday 14 October is an opportunity for educators and people who support people with learning disabilities to come together, be inspired, and share ideas about the different ways in which we can use digital to open up the world to people who are more likely to be excluded from it.

Dr Nicola Grove, an expert in the field of storytelling, will be the keynote speaker at the conference.

I believe passionately in the value of the lives of all individuals, linked to each other through our shared stories.

Through stories we find out about new experiences and ideas, develop empathy and imagination, and learn how to face challenges and solve problems.

Nicola Grove

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Dr Nicola Grove