I will never forget Alfie after seeing this – A Parents Perspective


by Claire Watts, Parent

I first heard of a Wiki in March 2015 and I have been building Alfie’s Wiki since April 2015; so two months now.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making it and updating it.

I have learnt so much and I am very pleased with what I have been able to achieve.

Alice, Alfie’s twin sister (9 years old), has helped to film Alfie, and encourage him to participate.  She has taken photos, provided voice overs and advised me on what photographs to use.

I did not find it difficult. I have a 20 year old son that I could call on to help if I was struggling!

I still have minor difficulties with turning photographs and I am learning how to add all different ways to present the story of Alfies’ life, so far.

I want to show him, to all those people who do not know him or have not known him since he was a baby.

I want them to see how he has progressed, what he has overcome and how amazing he is.

I presented ‘Alfie’s Wiki – a work in progress’ at his annual review.

I was able to show Alfie to his Teacher, TA, Head Teacher, SENco and Speech and Language Therapist.

It took around 30 minutes and all involved wanted to see every part of it.

I wanted them all to have an insight in to Alfie’s life, before they had the pleasure of knowing him.  I was able to demonstrate different techniques to share with them regarding Alfie’s communication and confidence.

I will continue to use Alfie’s Wiki to show to people within Alfie’s circle of support.

Most, if not all of the people I show it to, did not know or remember what I had already told them or shown them from Alfie’s Education, Health and Care plan, Personal Profiles or other documents showing Alfie’s background.

The professionals who have viewed Alfie’s Wiki have all been ‘blown away’ by its simplicity, its compactness, its powerful impact, more so than a written document, more so than a photograph attached to a profile.

I have been told that:

‘I will never forget Alfie, after seeing this’.

‘You have brought him to life, I know he is alive but from a paperwork, file point of view, you can see that he is a real boy, with real strength and real passion – this you do not get from a typed page.’

‘I never knew that Alfie liked to play a guitar so much’.

‘I didn’t realise that he could dance and sing.’

Alfie’s Wiki is an excellent way to show Alfie’s carers all about Alfie before they meet him.

(They are students from all over the world who come to England for 6 months and experience our culture whilst volunteering)

When Alfie is in transition the wiki will give all of the new people in his circle of support an insight into Alfie.

It will share what he is good at, what level of development he is at, how to encourage support and motivate him, what he likes and how he responds to positive communications.

These are all areas in Alfie’s life that are really important to him and really shows how much he enjoys his life.

Alfie’s Wiki is visual, uses multi-media, it is live, it is moving, and it is the past, the present and the future.

It is a very powerful way of evoking emotions and poignant.

Alfie’s Wiki will always be a ‘work in progress’.

I am very proud of Alfie and will show his Wiki to everyone that supports him.