Students with their certificates


Being based at the University of East London we are able to bring people with learning disabilities into the heart of UEL’s academic programmes. We deliver lectures for social work and education studies, teaching educators, SEN specialists, educational psychologists and social workers. We also contribute to the university’s media and creative industry studies and ensure that students have access to inclusive settings in their learning programmes.

To this end, we work in partnership with Chalton Park Academy where UEL students can do a term of wiki building, learning about people’s lives as well as about person centred approaches and multimedia advocacy. We aim to integrate our philosophy into new practitioners’ progression paths as they train and learn and prepare to go out into the world.

“Wiki has helped with the learning strategies we use at home … by emphasising different areas of learning, such as sharing inclusive books to nurture his confidence as well as helping him positively integrate his disabilities into the overall view of himself. ”

Parent, West Sussex

RIX in the community

Community learning is a core part of how we work at RIX as much of our research revolves around the experience of people in their everyday lives. Following the principles of multimedia advocacy we encourage and support people to share their learning with others in their community, be this a school, a parent/carer forum or a local authority.
We hold community events where delegates can share their experience and ideas with their peers as well as give us valuable feedback about our software and other resources.

RIX training

We offer training, advice and support as part of our subscription packages so that people using our Wiki and EasySurvey software can feel confident as they step into the world of digital advocacy. We have a wealth of training resources on our dedicated website including support for Wiki builders, leaders and coordinators in the form of video lectures, webinars and short online courses in subjects like multimedia advocacy and person centred planning. We also provide telephone support for people who encounter a problem or difficulty whilst using our software. Although the solution will usually be found in our online user guides, we understand the need for a responsive multi-channel service.