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MaTHiSiS means Managing Affective-learning THrough Intelligent atoms and Smart InteractionS. MaTHiSiS is a three year project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 work programme. The project is implemented by the MaTHiSiS consortium that consists of 18 partners from 9 different Member States. Consortium is very well balanced including research centres, universities, and public administrations, big and small companies. This ensures the innovation value chain merging technologies and education together.


The project aims to create a personalised and adaptable e-learning system for mainstream and special education, industrial training and career guidance. The system will enhance learning by continuously adapting the learning path for individual learners based on their performance and engagement. The system is unique as it uses the learner’s facial expressions and body movements to assess engagement. The project also incorporates a range cutting edge technologies like specialised robots and mobile devices and interactive whiteboards, to engage learners.


The MaTHiSiS system will be tested throughout the project with five different types of learners:

  • Autism Spectrum Case (ACS)
  • Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Case (PMLDC)
  • Mainstream Education Case (MEC)
  • Industrial Training Case (ITC)
  • Career Guidance Distance Learning Case (CGDLC).

These different use cases are being tested through three different pilot phases: Driver, Assisted and Real-life pilots. This iterative process allows us to learn from each phase and adapt the system.


RIX and MaTHiSiS


RIX Research and Media is working with the following learners in each pilot phase to test the MaTHiSiS system:

  1.  The Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities Case (PMLDC). This will involve learners, teachers and facilities in the UK, Italy and Spain.
  2. The Autistic Spectrum Case (ASC). This will also involve learners, teachers and facilities in the UK, Italy and Spain.


Driver Pilots (May-June 2017)

RIX worked with 16 students, aged 5-18 years old, from Charlton Park Academy, to test the MaTHiSiS system. This pilot stage was challenging both for educational and technical partners but we gained lots of experience which we can learn from. We assessed the teachers and students’ familiarity with the use of ICT for teaching and learning, the availability and integration of the technical equipment within the school and, if MaTHiSiS learning scenarios enhanced student’s learning goals.



All partners in each use case collaborated to discuss the feedback and ensure the system works for educators and learners.

Ms. Sophie Higson, tutor from Nottingham Bluecoat Academy (UK) that was participating in pilot sessions said:

“This is an ambitious project which will help teachers to measure engagement of learners in new and exciting ways and improve student progression”


Assisted Pilots (November – December 2017)

The Assisted Pilots will run during November 2017 and aim to train educators to use the MaTHiSiS system to set up their learners and their learning goals.


Real Life Pilots  (2018)

The ‘real-life’ pilot phase will run in 2018 and aims to mimic a how the MaTHiSiS system will work in the ‘real world’, with minimal support from the technical partners.