Me and Your Stories (MYS)


RIX Research and Media (UK), aTempo (Austria), inclution gUG (Germany),
CVEK – Centre for Research of Ethnicity and Culture(Slovakia), CCD – Teachers
Training Centre (Romania) & Initiative Schule im Aufbruch (Germany)


The project runs for three years starting in January 2019 until December

Project Summary

MYS (Me and Your Stories) is an European innovative project operating by
Erasmus+ KA3-experienced organisation, who carried out the successful project
“Social Inclusion of Learners” 2017-2018 which was selected as best practise by the
European Commission. The partners will develop the inclusive learning module MYS
-understood based on storytelling. MYS – understood module will reduce possible
misunderstandings caused by diversity and to foster social inclusion and common
values in learning environments. MYS-understood fosters individualized learning and
will be implemented and scaled up in all the partner countries.

Development and implementation of an inclusive storytelling tool kit for schools,
called “MYS – understood”, and connecting it to policy and decision makers to foster
inclusive education and common values in Europe. MYS – understood will be an
open access took kit that educators can use.
The project will conduct research in classrooms to develop best practice for inclusive
teaching methods. This will be shared in the project partners home country through

conferences, seminars and round table discussions with a network of educators and
decision makers.

How does MYS work?
By empowering learners to be interested in personal stories of their fellow students
and community members. We want to provide them with Multimedia and storytelling
tools and develop their skills in critical thinking and human rights education. Learners
will be empowered to access the stories of the others, to document and to retell
them. The focus will not be on “my perspective on my story” but on “my perspective
on your stories” & “Your perspectives on my story”.
Not just listening to, but retelling the stories of others enables young people to
deeply get to know each other, to learn to understand each other, to respect each
other, to see each other as equal.
Traditional learning culture values certain types of learners more than others – the
smarter the better. Learners are likely to take this view and apply in their lives rather
than to look at the richness of each individual beyond the traditional learning
performance. MYS fosters viewing each child, each fellow human on an equal basis
and enables to discover the diversity of skills, talents, potentials without labelling the
quality and without ranking the particular attribute.
The MYS understood module is a Lego like module with up to 12 different content
boxes, which pupils can combine in their own creative way in small diverse groups to
tell and document each other’s stories. The learning module will be freely accessible
in all partner languages on the RIX Wiki portal beyond the project lifetime.

RIX Contribution to MYS
RIX research and Media has developed Multimedia Advocacy (MMA) pathway for
personalised learning as part of our Erasmus+ IncluEdu project. The MMA pathway
is based on the universal design principles for teaching and learning. It provides
useful guidance and steps for teachers to deliver education in a way where the
needs of individual learners are captured and addressed. The learning is seen as a
unique process that is different to individuals depending on their interests, skills,
abilities, life experiences and many other factors.
As part of the MYS project aims, RIX Research and media will create multimedia
learning modules for the MYS – understood tool kit.

In addition RIX will create and develop the RIX Wiki platform to host and store the
MYS – understood tool kit which educators can freely access.
RIX will pilot, evaluate and analyse the MYS – understood tool kit with selected
schools in the UK in 2020. RIX will share best practices and any other discoveries
during the pilot phase with the other partners. This will facilitate the resources and
knowledge for the European counterparts and give the whole results a broad
representation and impact on the final outcomes.
RIX will host a conference and a seminar in 2021 to share best practices the
finalised MYS – understood tool kit.
Upon completion of the project RIX will have created the MYS – Understood tool kit
which has the potential to become a nationwide educational model which integrates
the current UK policy and legislation around SEN and disability.
We will endeavour to engage front line practitioners as well as policy makers to
impact on the inclusion and education for all through the use of these tools and

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