My Wiki – A Siblings Perspective


by Daniel, Sibling

My name is Daniel. I’m 13 and I have an older brother called Shane who is disabled. My mum created a wiki for Shane three and a half years ago and is still adapting it to this day.

In the wiki I have helped with many things such as:

– You can hear my voice throughout

– I have helped choose the pictures and music.

In my opinion the wiki is straightforward and easy to use no matter your degree in computer skills.

I used a microphone to record the sounds in Shane’s wiki.

In my opinion it is a good idea for a familiar voice to do the recordings.

It makes Shane happy to hear my voice which makes me happy. I try to attend as many of Shane’s meetings as possible.  When the videos play explaining Shane’s signs, Shane will do the sign when he hears it.

This is important as the people at the meeting can all see Shane’s abilities in front of them and not only on video.

Shane does a very good job at his meetings as he is involved with the wiki as much as possible. He plays the videos and sits down when instructed, and this shows Shane’s listening skills in action.

It is important for Shane to attend meetings as people can get to know Shane face to face and see what he is capable of instead of learning who Shane is off a piece of paper.

I don’t feel very happy about decisions being made about Shane in the past without him being present, however he is now always there and able to show his personality and abilities.

At the meetings people can see Shane present his wiki and not someone else, this is very important to the opinions made about Shane.

I appreciate it when people ask for my opinions at these meetings as I am Shane’s brother and I know a lot more about what Shane likes and enjoys.

In the future Shane can use his wiki to further expand people’s expectations and opinions of Shane.

It is important to keep the wiki up to date as it can show if Shane has learnt any new signs which can be helpful in his life.

Shane was born in Portugal and travels there every year in the Summer holidays.

He enjoys it thoroughly there as he has instant access to a refreshing pool, he can play outside with his toys on the pool side, however mine and his favourite part is the water park day!

Shane’s faith is also very important as he goes to church every Sunday and has made his confirmation. The wiki tells people about these important aspects of Shane’s life.

If you have a brother/sister with a disability you too can help with improving their wiki.