Bringing together artists and technologists with and without disabilities to transform museum experiences and make them really inclusive. We use sensory and digital media to create alternative interpretations of museum collections.



The purple STARS, Sensory, Technology & Art, Resource Specialists is being funded for the first year by the Arts and Humanities Research Council AHRC developed from the award-winning AHRC-funded Sensory Objects Project and the need to build a more sustainable model for the work to continue.


RIX were involved in the original Sensory Objects project in 2012-15 and brought together people with learning disabilities and researchers to enrich experience and encourage inclusivity within museums and heritage sites through the development of sensory interactive objects.


Our Mission


  • To develop opportunities for people with learning disabilities to work as artists and technologists who can help make Museums engaging and meaningful for all.


  • To enable museums to bring a richer sensory perspective to their collections and deploy simple digital tools that can widen the appeal and inclusivity of what is on offer.


  • To support people with learning disabilities to capture and communicate their insights and expertise so as to augment sensory museum experiences.


  • To work with Museum teams to rethink the design and curation of their collections with learning disabled people and so widen their appeal for everyone.

“Nothing About Us Without Us!”




RIX and purpleSTARS


The purpleSTARS are using RIX Wikis to serve as a repository for insights, ideas and experiences shared by people with learning disabilities. The RIX Wiki serves as a platform for the purpleSTARS to organise their observations and reflections and report their findings back to the museum clients. Furthermore, the RIX Wiki that are part of our product set will offer a valuable addition to museums’ web communication channels, enabling learning that is non-text based and so relevant to a wider spectrum of audiences.


Example of a purpleSTARS Wiki


RIX and purpleSTARS are working with the inclusive employment agency Jobs Enterprise and Training (JET), part of the Tower Project charity, we are developing opportunities for people with learning disabilities creating a training, sensory experiences and consultancy service that can help museums and heritage sites to realise more accessible and meaningful experiences for their visitors with learning disabilities.


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The PurpleSTARS ‘Pop-Up Museum’ at the Tate Modern

Launching purpleSTARS to Glenside Hospital Museum


PurpleSTARS at Glenside Hospital Museum