RIX Multi Me community events

We’re excited to announce the dates for our free online community events for 2022-2023

All events will include showcases with opportunities to ask questions and share best practice. These events will be of particular interest to people working in Education (especially leadership with SEND responsibility and SENDCOs), Health and Social Care professionals, and families and carers.

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Hear from practitioners, families and carers who use RIX software to manage successful transitions
  • Find out how the RIX Multi Me toolkit can support young people through transitions
  • Network with professionals working in the education, health and social care sectors
  • Connect with carers and service users for a first hand account of how they use RIX and Multi Me software
  • Special offers for attendees including free software surgery slots and free trials of our software

Autumn 2022

Even better EHCPs | 17 November | 11am-12.30pm | Teams

4 plans and a mind map with a loud hailer
Even better EHCPs

Education Health and Care Planning is now firmly integrated into the culture of schools, social and health care provision. But how can we make the process better, more person centered and meaningful to the people we support?

Hear how professionals using RIX and MultiMe technology in education, health and social care are changing the way EHCPs are developed and reviewed.

We look at how EHCPs can be co-produced with parents and young people – so they are active participants in planning and designing support that fits their needs.

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Even better EHCPs agenda

Spring 2023

Unmute now! | 2 February | 11am-12.30pm | Teams

three animations of multi me software
Unmute now!

We’ve all experienced speaking while on mute – it’s embarrassing and frustrating! Now imagine you can’t unmute your voice when people are planning and designing your support. Many families and young people experience this feeling, because education, health and care services often lack the technologies and processes to press unmute.

We explore digital approaches that can be used to amplify the voice of people who receive care and support. Communication experts will share strategies and technologies that can be integrated into your existing processes, offering new ways to capture the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of people we support.

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Summer 2023

SEND technologies in 2050 | 11 May | 11am-12.30pm | Teams

girl in wheelchair pointing at crystal ball
SEND technologies in 2050

Technology has completely transformed our home lives. Most people now have access to the internet at home. Voice enabled assistants like Alexa and Siri are everywhere, in our homes and cars, in a way we could never have imagined. In this community event, we look to the future. What technologies will we see in our homes, schools, hospitals and social care spaces? How can new and emerging technologies transform the quality of education and care? How can they help to improve the daily lives of those we support? We discuss concepts, from the most innovative and cutting edge, to small changes and simple technologies that could make an immediate, positive impact today.

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