RIX Wikis & Great Parents: A Holistic Picture


by Margaret Mulholland, Director of Development and Research, Swiss Cottage Teaching School Alliance.

One of the major challenges schools and colleges face is thinking around how to focus on outcomes rather than the SEN label.

Schools really need to enable children and young people to progress in their learning and be well prepared for adulthood.

At Swiss Cottage School we have been working with RIX Wikis for three years now.

We have found that the Wikis are terrific enablers for young people to take ownership of their learning and an understanding of outcomes with everyone involved.

Of course, good parents hold the whole picture together, and we work hard to bring all stakeholders together to paint the widest picture of the child and improve their chances.

By using wikis, we have found that you can gain a much more holistic picture of the child in as little as five minutes and are able to understand what makes them tick so much more quickly.

And the fact that now the EHC process requires all agencies – education, health and social care to come together to develop and work with a plan for the child, means that a positive way of achieving this is essential.

The wiki can underpin the communication around the child and work as a catalyst for cultural change. Wikis can support improvement: teaching and learning, assessment processes and home school communications – they aid school improvement if linked to relevant school processes and not seen simply as a ‘bolt on’.

Five things schools should think about when using Wikis.

  1. Involve parents.
  2. Give the child/young person ownership
  3. Review content and updates regularly
  4. Use them to support Education and Health Care plans.
  5. Apply a built in rather than bolted on approach.