RIX EasySurvey

What is EasySurvey?

Introducing the Accessible Survey

Does feedback matter to you?

Understanding how people feel about a course, activity, service or product is really important. Organisations can make their services and goods better when they listen to the people who use them. Listening to people and understanding their opinions is really important and at the heart of everything we do at RIX.

Is it important to value everyone’s opinion?

We have all been asked to fill in a paper-based or online survey to give our opinion. At RIX, we believe that some people are excluded from doing this because they cannot access or respond to online surveys.

We built in access from the start

We have used our understanding of accessible technology and approaches that have been part of our way of working since 2000. With this expertise, we developed an online survey tool which we call RIX EasySurvey. It’s easy to use in a way that includes everyone.


What makes our online survey tool different?

Our survey allows survey creators to generate engaging multimedia surveys that are easy to fill in and fun to respond to. That means you’ll get better feedback that is more complete, more inclusive. Everyone can take part and no one gets left out.


Picture of a Survey about sweets

Example of an EasySurvey Survey


The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Make a simple survey in seconds
    It takes seconds to create a simple survey – dragging in images and videos to bring your survey to life – make it easier to complete and fun to use.
  2. Easy to complete
    Our surveys can be sent out via a simple code, printable ticket or invitation. Users complete them on their smartphone, tablet or PC. All you need is a web connection and a web browser.
  3. Easy to listen
    Feedback is instantly captured – in visual ‘wordclouds’ and easy to review statistics. Data can be downloaded and imported into your spreadsheet software for detailed analysis and presentation.


Free trial

Experience how easy it is to set up a Survey. Sign up for a free account today by emailing us at: rixadmin@uel.ac.uk

You will have free access to all features of EasySurvey for 30 days.  We’ll email you the joining instructions, a quick start guide and your password. Then in 30 days, we’ll be in touch to find out how you got on.



For early adopters of our EasySurvey we are offering a very limited number of Founders’ Member accounts.  Founders’ Membership is heavily subsidised by RIX Research and Media to allow even more people access to EasySurvey.  In addition, Founders’ Members will be invited to special RIX EasySurvey events, have access to masterclass training opportunities and get to shape the future of EasySurvey development. You can use our FAQ information to find out more about this offer.


Feature  Individual    Organisation
Create unlimited surveys
Accept unlimited responses
Friendly online support from RIX
10GB of storage
Huge 50Gb of media storage
Allow people in your organisation to create surveys
Founders’ members price £300 +VAT £600 +VAT

To start a free trial or take advantage of Founder Members’ pricing contact with us at: rixadmin@uel.ac.uk


Useful Links

Promotional and research materials

EasySurvey promotional leaflet for you to print and share.

EasySurvey promotional postcard for you to print and share.

Case studies: Read how Camden LBC, Nottinghamshire LA, CENMAC, Herefordshire LA and the University of East London use EasySurvey in our case studies here.

Using EasySurvey

Experience how easy it is to set up a survey. Sign up for a free account today by emailing us at: rixadmin@uel.ac.uk

The full training guide for EasySurvey can be accessed by clicking here.

FAQs about EasySurvey: For more information, help, support and frequently asked questions about RIX EasySurvey, visit our KnowledgeBase by clicking here