Individuals and Families

Parents, families and carers for children and young people with learning disabilities are already living with stress and difficulty in their lives, juggling the many demands on their time and resources.

RIX Wikis offer a way to help ensure the needs, wants and aspirations of individuals with learning disabilities are heard by putting them centre-stage.  Wikis help people with learning disabilities and all those who live and work with them to communicate better, share information and celebrate achievements.

So, What is a Wiki?


We have been developing RIX Wikis for over 10 years! A RIX Wiki is a private, easy to use website. You can upload photos, videos, documents and more to a Wiki to tell your story. Once you have created a Wiki, you can invite other people who you know and trust to view your Wiki. 

You can access a Wiki on any device, anywhere, with your username and password.


Case Study Parent

“It makes me and the family more reassured and less stressed to know that we have a way to communicate easily and effectively with others involved in his life”.


Read the ‘Working with Parents’ case study. 

Claire Watts, Parent

“Alfie is not a number on a list, he is not name on a file – he is a real little boy with a good sense of humour.”

Claire Watts, parent

RIX Wikis and Annual Reviews


Lots of parents choose to use their Wiki as part of their child’s annual review meetings and we have lots of positive feedback from families doing this.  Hear about Ainslie and Ross’s experience below:

We are very excited that Ross will be using his Wiki to talk about his achievements at his Annual Review next week – this is the very first time he has felt able to attend and that is entirely down to him wanting to use the Wiki to help him talk about himself. We are so pleased and grateful!

It took me a while to really get going, but the annual review was a really great starting point – I think before that I was thinking too broadly about all the wonderful things that could go into a Wiki, based on others I had seen, instead of just focussing on how Ross will use his. (I know! You did warn us about that at the start, but it took me a while to really get it!)

Ross has pretty severe anxiety problems around medical appointments and procedures, but as we came away from a recent visit asked me if he could give his medical history himself in future, so that is the next priority for the Wiki. The plan is for him to have the information at his fingertips in a way he can relate to and use. This is an amazing breakthrough, so you can imagine how thrilled we are for him.

May 2017