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The new Education, Health and Care plans require teachers to be more accountable for the progress of all pupils, even those supported by specialist staff.

Schools are tasked to place young people and their families at the centre of support discussions and are challenged to share and collaborate with parents, health and care professionals in entirely new ways.  It requires not only a legal but a cultural change.


RIX Research & Media is at the forefront of this change.

Too often, the focus can be on the limitations placed on a child or young person by their disability.  In contrast, the RIX Wiki shows the person and not the label.  The focus is positive, highlighting their strengths, goals and achievable outcomes.  The Wiki can help build a detailed picture of who they really are as people – what and who is important to them, what they like to do, how they communicate and how they see their future.

“Visual images are so powerful – my son stops being a piece of paper and becomes a person.”




RIX Wikis are built around the child or young person, putting them centre-stage and giving them and their families control.


Wikis have been cited by Ofsted as best practice in schools:

“Wikis are person centred and empowering, as students can share information, express themselves and celebrate their progress and achievements in a safe way.”

Improving Communication


RIX Wikis can improve the home-school partnership.  Parents, teachers and health professionals can communicate and work together much more effectively by sharing a wide range of content and information, using emotionally powerful multimedia. This sharing of information and content means that the Wiki really brings people living and working with the child or young person with learning disabilities together, working as a team. The focus is positive, highlighting the person’s strengths, goals and, achievable outcomes.

“There’s a lot of paperwork around but it doesn’t give you a flavour of that child and their personality. I think you get information in a much more visual way with the Wikis.”

Karina Williams, Teacher of Secondary English


Wikis help to record all progress and achievements. Reports, documents and other files can all be kept on the Wikis, saving a great deal of time.  All the information on the RIX Wikis is owned by the individual and their families and is private and secure. They can choose what information they share and with whom.


The Wiki Group Package is a low-maintenance multiple RIX Wiki package with training and local administration of Wiki accounts for schools, colleges and organisations.


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Case Studies

Teacher, Charlton Park Academy

“A RIX Wiki is a great way of sharing with parents and anyone close to the child so they can see what they’re doing at school.  It’s a far better communication tool than anything we’ve got going at the moment.”

Amy Donaghey, Trainee Teacher, Charlton Park Academy


Director of Research and Development, Swiss Cottage School

“By using Wikis, we have found that you can gain a much more holistic picture of the child in as little as five minutes and are able to understand what makes them tick so much more quickly.”

Margaret Mulholland, Director of Development and Research, Swiss Cottage Teaching School Alliance



Read Margaret’s blog ‘RIX Wikis and Great Parents: A Holistic Approach’.