• “Looking at the videos and photographs on the Wiki and analysing Shane in different settings, the people [at his review meeting] would get a feel for his personality…and then the type of planning I want for my son would happen.”


  • “Using the Wiki gives people the opportunity to collate information in a person-centred way…a parent recently commented that what she loves about the Wiki is that at last we can see the person [her child] and not just stacks of reports, assessments and guidelines.”

    Accessible Information Officer

  • “I think the potential to work with professionals using the Wiki is fantastic.”

    Primary Phase Leader

  • “Creating the Wiki as a family…it has helped use to really think about our future goals and aspirations for Shane.”


  • “A child is always changing and so is their Wiki, it is always relevant…a statement in the previous form could be unchanged for over a year.”

    Head teacher

  • “I attended an annual review last week and met a young boy who is using a Wiki.  He opened his Wiki and very proudly showed his film.  It was so important that he was there as it not only focussed the meeting from the start, but it gets him used to being in such meetings. This can only be a positive thing as he gets older and we will be seeking to hear more from him about his hopes and dreams.  All were in agreement that the Wiki is nothing but positive”.

    SEND Commissioning Manager