RIX Wikis

Our RIX Wiki software uses multi-media and a mind-map design to enable people to build their own websites. Designed for ease-of-use and tested extensively with our diverse network of co-researchers, RIX Wikis are used by many young people with disabilities as a rich and engaging platform for their About Me information. Using video, pictures, sound and words, Wikis can capture the voice and aspirations of the individual and enable them to share their stories, preferences and goals with the key people in their life. Add the ability to include downloadable documents, display links to other websites and access Google maps and the Wiki becomes a one-stop shop for the full range of information needed to really get to know someone whilst at the same time giving that person choice and control over their life.

“The Wiki has been amazing, its been lovely to see William as him, and see William first when looking at his photos and videos through his Wiki. It provides loads of information about his health needs, but also about him as a person and what he likes to do and what he enjoys.”

Shobian, Community children’s nurse

RIX EasySurvey

Our EasySurvey software is the latest addition to our suite of tools and is already gaining a reputation as the most accessible survey software available. As with the RIX Wiki, people can use video, pictures, sound and words in their surveys, making them more engaging and easier to complete. The admin area enables people to design their survey quickly and easily using different question formats and then to send it out in different ways. Responses are collected and displayed in a variety of formats as well as being exportable to a spreadsheet.

Wikis in WikiMe

WikiMe is a suite of mini-apps on one platform that offers people a calendar, a diary, a goal planner and a safe place to share with others. The RIX Wiki sits in the middle of these mini-apps, providing a multimedia hub for the individual’s About Me information.

Data security

We work closely with KIM Software Solutions to make sure our software is dependable, safe and secure. KIM are well known for creating robust, secure and reliable systems for public organisations including police and fire services. Our partnership with KIM means that we can be confident about data security and compliance with data protection policies and legislation.


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