Webinar: Successful Implementation of SEND Reforms



How Do RIX Wikis Impact the Effectiveness of SEND Service Delivery?


Free Webinar with live Q&A


Aired: Wednesday 19th February 2018,  13:00 – 13:30


Andy Minnion MBE discusses findings from our research, which included nine Local Authorities, showing the impact of RIX Wikis in making SEND provision more efficient.


Key Findings discussed:


  • How Efficiencies and Cost Savings are being achieved through streamlining personalisation, improved administration, a reduced need for meetings and paperwork and less litigious negotiations.
  • How RIX Wikis have improved Communication between providers and families, meeting SEND Reform aspirations for less adversarial interaction between families and local authorities with reduced disputes and tribunals.
  • How Local Authorities are using RIX Wikis to provide Accessible Information, signposting people to services and information to complement and improve the Local Offer.


Links referred to in the webinar:

Camden’s RIX Wiki information portal:



RIX Wiki’s embedded into the Camden local offer website: