Staying connected in changing times

Find out about RIX and Multi Me tools that offer safe new ways to connect up, support each other and share our stories

  • Covid reflections

    RIX team members reflect on the past six months

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  • picture of planet earth with love heart

    MYS – the power of storytelling

    How sharing our stories can help others see us as we are

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  • Life during lockdown

    Lock Stars Wiki captures lockdown stories from Montreal and London

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  • Young person showing Wiki on touchscreen

    RIX Wikis

    Easy-to-use software that uses a mind map design to create person centred multimedia websites

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  • UEL students in classroom

    RIX EasySurvey

    Accessible multimedia surveys – easy to make, fun to use and now available as a free trial with EasySurvey Lite

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  • Video stories


    Check out some of our animations and videos and listen to people’s stories

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